Mid week musings (Hook, line & sinker)

I received a comment from one of my loyal subjects….no loyal followers The Hook. He said ” You’re like a Lady Flash CharFlew! Keep it up! “. I’ll certainly take it…not always do I feel it.

Recently as the weather gets colder, my soreness came back. I get bad lower back pain that sometimes gives me such issues that I double over in pain (like a shock went through me & crippled me)! I’m afraid of this because my family has a history of arthritis. So I can go on & dwell but I won’t (as I cry just writing about the potential). Hook you gave me a special gift that I need right now…encouragement! The encouragement I get from you is second to none (we converse on Twitter) & Hook is just as fanatical or more about CBC As I am.

I have gotten many comments & words of encouragement on the various social media I use. I love it to bits, but there’s something about my blog posts that makes me really proud. These blog posts are like mini journals of my running adventures, most days I somehow manage to write a little something, while always looking on the bright side of life. Today as I lay on my bed in pain…I don’t know where I always get the mojo from. So layers will be put on & as I put one foot in front of the other, I can say to you all, I may be scared but I’m not weak. I have an amazing group of positive people who just know when to comment & leave a permanent memory in the brain bank. Today Hook you did just that, I salute you sir & everyone who helps me along.

Oh yes, I’ll be ready to take on 5k at the Prince Edward Island Marathon in Charlottetown PEI, I’ve been looking forward to this for way to long. I’ll write my race recap as soon as I can! Be on the lookout.


4 thoughts on “Mid week musings (Hook, line & sinker)

    1. I appreciate that coming from a fanatic of certain things myself *winks* you know CBC. You just prompted me to get extra real with the world. Not many people can say they have such a talent.


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