Mid week musings (it’s coming along)

imageThis doesn’t happen often…

I’m very excited this mid week post, I’ve come over a rough patch in training & in life. I’m not accusing anyone of anything but those of you who know my story, know that running has been a mostly solo sport for me. Twice now my parents have shocked me, if you’ve read my last post you’d know mom is officially doing a 5k in a race I’m registered for & on the same community spirit team I am on! My latest run had me feeling like I was floating on air. That doesn’t always happen, when it does it feels glorious. I’m also feeling less stressed about mom, she’s done 13k (8 miles) so 5k (3.1 miles) should be ok…I have a feeling it will be the start of a yearly mom/daughter thing, hope so!

Just under 2 weeks until PEI & just under 3 until mother/daughter take on our hometown race! This coming weekend is thanksgiving here in Canada, I may delay my weekend update until Monday…you never know!

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