Weekend Musings (inspire/inspired)

Countdown= 2 weeks until Prince Edward Island & 3 weeks until Legs for literacy

I’ve been inspired & I inspire!

As I wrote the first sentences, I received an email with the free registration code for mom from CBC. I registered mom for her first ever race. I was taken back to 2013 when I was registering for my first race after having to give up my free CBC registration because I was hospitalized. Little did I know, when I gave that registration up that I’d be part of the team CBC 71 days after surgery. I may have given up the free registration but I gained a lot more. That first attempt, I walked a 5k and I’ve not looked back. Third time is a charm and I get to share it with my biggest fan/cheerleader MOM.

I got an inspiring quote from John Stanton at the end of last week. He said to tell mom it will always be a PB, as it’s her first race. She understood and laughed.


I met John for the first time in 2013 (around the same time of year) & now have had the chance to see him twice at The Bluenose Marathon in Halifax & twice during his Running Room Store meet & greets in Moncton. Just when I need it, somehow, he pops up inspiration on his social feeds that I need to get me through a rough patch. He’s done it again as the Flewelling girls take on 5k one step at a time.


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