Mid week musings (I’m scared)

Countdown =16 days until I land in PEI for my first crack at the Prince Edward Island Marathon (5k). That’s on October 17/18.  I’m not scared about this one…it’s the next weekend I’m scared about. I accidentally won a free registration from CBC (I already have one) so I asked mom if she wanted to take it. She said “YES”, so I’ll be waiting after my run for mom to cross the finish line! We will both be part of TEAM CBC. I know she can do it. We did a 13k after all. Now the prep takes place, I’m trying not to scare her, I just want her to be prepared. It’s an amazing experience being at your first startline. I wasn’t thinking of anything, it’s the first time I could say my mind was blank. My first startline was 3 years ago at the same race, now it’s moms turn. It will be different not seeing her big smile and hugs as I finish. I will put in my back pocket loads of extra hugs so we can celebrate our finish together. The Flewelling Girls are taking over the world one step at a time!

Proud as a peacock~~yours truly,



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