Mid week musings (Birthday edition)

image image image image

imageSome birthday stuff (sunrise,wishes & treats).

“The kilometres I’ve put into my running maybe a journey, but it’s the people & places I remember the most”!

I’m very fortunate to have a great network of people in my community. I have my (honorary CBC family, I have my running family & my own family) there are many!

On celebration days you realize just how powerful a wish or a kind word is. It takes a village to support each other. That’s why I’m writing this. Some of my blog post readers would know I’ve touched on this before…it’s worth mentioning from time to time, my “families” are amazing & know how to make a girl feel awesome. My intention isn’t for you to wish me happy birthday (unless you feel the need to), my wish is to celebrate you (my readers)!

I’m making dinner for those who use The Ronald McDonald House Family Room, today as a gift to give back. That’s what makes this time of year special (an extra opportunity to give back)!

Yours in giving,


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