Terry Fox recap (more K’s then suppose to)

Got on the wrong bus, it went to PEI so my options were do 5k & return to PEI or do 13k across the bridge to my home province NB.

I got the shock of my life when my parents said “let’s do the entire bridge”. I hugged them and cried, off we went. We started on an incline so I stayed with parents, then off I went towards the larger of two inclines. I ran up the second incline (longer & higher). Off we went to the last 3k’s & managed to get home. In 27days (October 17th) I’ll be retuning over that bridge on my way to The PEI Marathon. We have a newfound respect for the bridge.  Who knew my parents were secretly inspired by my running. Inspired enough to do 13k with me!

imageNear the start (looking good).

imageAlmost at the end…(still smiling).

imageHad other plans (making the best of it).

image Home Sweet Home

I was only suppose to do 5k, I did 13k my longest set of kilometres so far.

You never know where life will take you,


2 thoughts on “Terry Fox recap (more K’s then suppose to)

  1. I love that your parents did the whole 13k with you, that’s awesome! Great job to you and your family! Hope to see you at the PEI Marathon…thanks for the countdown, I’ve been putting off looking at how close it’s getting 😉


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