Terry Fox Run prep!

Prep is going well for the Confederation Bridge Terry Fox run. Currently my focus is on my longer term goal of my 2 race weekends in a row, even at 5k distance for both I still need more work. This run in honour of my Grampy F is going to be emotional & cathartic.

I didn’t know why my grandfather suddenly lost consciousness in Costco (late June) & the days grew longer while his body shut down. About 2 months later (end of August) he passed in his sleep. Seeing a person who’s body is shutting down on itself is scary, for dad (an only child) it was hell to deal with. Trying to help dad see the bright side (even for a bit) was hard on me. Cancer really sucks (the life out of some) and it killed my Grampy robbing him every step of the way.

I don’t regret the time spent watching over him with dad. It made me realize life isn’t something to waste. Taking the bull by the horns after 8 years, I’m not wasting time (time being our enemy) I decided to help fundraise for cancer research. The donors that have currently donated are influenced in some way by my running. I’ve come to realize more & more people are touched in some way by my running, it’s what I do & obviously do it well!

Looking forward to my weekend musings blog this weekend, it will be a race recap!



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