Weekend musings (outsiders view, injury to triumph)

This weekend has shown me that runners are a pretty epic bunch. In the face of adversity my running friend decided to help out. 

On a last minute desicion my friend Piper’s Run was granted a volunteer spot at a race, not just any spot but the handing out of finishers medals. To be part of he finish line volunteers is awesome, when you’re suppose to be racing it’s hard. I knew that she’d have a good time & she’d feel a wide range of feelings. From the looks of things she had a blast placing finishers medals on many & she saw her running buddy get a PB (personal best). Once again in the face of adversity runners triumph and make the best of what’s presented. I’m proud of her…just knowing how crappy you can feel when injury rears its ugly head. This isn’t the first time someone in my running family has had finishers medal duties, another friend did finish line duties at Bluenose Marathon in May (it’s how I got my 10k finishers medal).

My wish is that if EVER you get to volunteer at a race (in any capacity) you realize not everyone is always in fine form, some of us know how getting from zero to hero can be. Thanks Piper’s Run for being a hero in so many people’s day. You even made me cry & I wasn’t racing. 

This is how I saw it this weekend,


4 thoughts on “Weekend musings (outsiders view, injury to triumph)

  1. Wow Charlotte, you’ve got me all teary eyed. Um, you gave me much more credit then I deserve. I was so happy to be apart of the event even if it was hard not to be running. So, thank you for that. And yes, everyone should volunteer at least once at a big race, it’s such a different perspective!
    Thanks 🙂

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    1. You deserve this praise, if it wasn’t for the many people who volunteer for races we’d have NO races. All the pirate crew has made me cry many times this weekend. You’re only one piece of the larger puzzle. 👍🏻


  2. I always try to say my thank yous to the volunteers at the races I run. The only time I don’t is usually that last mile when I’m trying not to DIE before I get to the finish line. It’s on my to do list to volunteer at a race and then maybe I’ll feel even more connection to the people around me.


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