Weekend musings (looking forward)

I took some time to realize where I’ve been race wise & where I am headed. This fall marks the end of challenges I set out to do this time last year (2014) and of course my RUNaversary in October. I’ve been part of many teams & groups of varying sizes over my adventure this far.



Three times on #TeamCBC & my @RunAtCan family are some examples.


 My next race is my fundraiser for 2015, The Terry Fox Run is known for its many participants from across Canada, and the wide range of ages. I’m so excited to tell you I’ve raised some funds. Even with it being a small amount the people who gave me donations mean much more. These are people who’ve been inspired by the running journey. It means much more that these generous donors gave me funds. The intention behind the gift means more then the gift in this case.

The next race after that is (Charlottetown PEI), it will be the culmination of the Maritime Challenge, I set out in May with my 15k weekend (Halifax NS), did my first ever summer race & first NB race outside of moncton (Saint John NB) & now third province run in (PEI).

I was reminded (thanks to Facebook) that I started this adventure in running in 2013. I look at that reminder & I’m very surprised I’m still doing races. I’ve gained so much from the give & take of this sport. I’m worthy & able to be part of such a wicked community. I don’t know where I’d be without running. It’s part of me that makes me whole. 



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