Mid week musings (goal setting)

I’m at a point in my running year that makes me reflect on my earlier performances. I started May 16/17 with a 2 race weekend & now I’m looking forward to my last races of 2015 (October 17/18 & 24/25). I want to get my original year end goal of a 40 minute or less 5k, right now I’m not 100% sure it will happen this year. I’m currently preparing for a 5k run for The Terry Fox Foundation in honour of Grampy, who passed away (from cancer) in 2007.

http://www.terryfox.ca/charflew23 if you want to donate or find out more information!

I’m making a plan & setting my goals: over the top best case is 40mins or less (5k), then I’d have to go with 45:36 (current PB or less) & last but not least shave any amount of time off my current best for the 2015 (48:08). 

I’m aiming for the first 2 scenarios, they’ve escaped me so far. I won’t let them escape me for long… yours in running spirit,


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