Stairs to somewhere (Quietest Concert)

I’ve been telling you guys about the #QuietestConcert recently, I forgot to tell you what separated us from the beach was 150 steep stairs. The going down was awesome, not so fun coming up. That was my exercise for the weekend. 300 stairs = wicked cross training!

Here are some highlights, I hadn’t been in Fundy National park in 20 years & I never had been in Herring Cove. The concert took place on the beach which is more often then not 50 ft under water.

imageProud CBC fan (Hug a GEM logo)

imageThe key to the QUIETEST CONCERT headsets

imageAfter effect…oh my cannot believe it!

“It’s like plugging into your favourite device with the performer in front of you!” The best way I can describe it. You had to be there to experience it. I’m in a state of disbelief that I experienced the concert. As a BIG CBC fan it was epic. 

image image image image

The star of the show Serena Ryder

This is how I saw it, 



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