Mid week musings (sweat edition)

image image imageSome of my more stoic after workout poses

The first (yellow shirt) is a bike ride on Sunday, instead of running 2k, I rode it. The one with the green head band was after a run & some stairs/halls just to get out the major silliness. The CBC shirt photo is me after a 30 minute bike ride in traffic. Traffic+bike ride = tense Charlotte

I’m enjoying doing stairs & halls in my apartment building. I live on third floor, I go down the fire escape to first floor walk the hall down to centre stairs & up I come down the hall, repeating that for however many times I can. Current best is 5 rounds in 15 minutes. My apartment is on opposite end of where centre stairs are, so no matter what I still have to get down the hall.

The humidity has been making it very interesting to run (most days). I’ve taken advantage of foggy mornings to run, I’ve also taken advantage of my bike, stairs & halls (halls are air conditioned & stairs not so much)!

So that is how I’m trying to keep in shape in the humid & not so fun weather.

Keeping it real one step at a time,


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