Morning triumph (mid week musings)

Listening to @CBCMoncton while on my journey (run) before it gets to hot…this was the response (click on photo).


Morning win.

I was out & running in the fog this morning. It felt good & I could feel the sun burning it off. I knew my opportunity to get out & not melt was dwindling. So I turned up my iPod & went off on my 5k. It was the best hour of my day. I got a little competitive in the tweet, reminded our intrepid morning show host that a personal best was achieved last year in the same race. You never know. She handled it the way I though she would, I guess a challenge is on? I’ve known Vanessa since she landed in Moncton in 2006, it’s about the give & take (on both sides).

I consider my mid week post a triumphant post.

Yours truly,


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