Weekender bits & pieces

Happy first anniversary to my blog. 

Today marks the anniversary of my first post. 

I cannot believe it’s been 1 year worth of posts


imageThis is the first time I can say I almost barfed after training. I love my new training plan thanks to iRun magazine. Go search out the hashtag #MyBetter and see our runderful photos of training glory. I started a bit late due to the timing of my last race (August 8th). It was mid week by the time I saw it & decided to try it. My next race just happens to be the last day of the training. This wouldn’t be made possible without iRun Magazine & SportChek. You can win stuff, that’s not the main reason I wanted to do it. I’ve been running slower then normal & it’s time for a boost.

Thank the heavens above for rest days, because I need it. I’ve never looked so pale in training, last time I looked that pale was during my Bluenose Weekend in May. I was nervous about my 2 race weekend.

#MyBetter comes one step at a time,



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