Mid week musings fun facts

imageIf you follow me closely you know that I’ve been invited to the Quietest Concert Ever, I’m one step closer to being there. I redeemed my voucher for my 2 tickets & the second to last step is print them off. It’s not so simple, I don’t have a printer. I wait & with my brothers help I’ll complete that task. I promise the next post will be how I feel about this adventure.

A Fun Fact about my @RunAtCan crew is that I’ve been part of this running family since its infancy, the group started April 23rd, 2014. Long live my virtual crew!

I found out what my finishers medal for race 3/3 of Maritime Challenge Medal will look like. PEI Marathon just announced the design & I got giddy. I have reason to believe it will be heavy like my Marathon by the sea medal. I’m getting shivers just thinking about it. It’s race 3/3 for my Maritime Medal, it’s going to be my 3rd province run in & a former neighbour & dads cousin may see me through the finish line. Talk about pressure.

I’m up to the challenge,


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