Pre race jitters & concert news

And so it begins, 24hrs before a race I get a nervous feeling. I’m getting nervous to just be there. This is my first race where I am in & out the same day & not knowing much about the race. Another not fun part is the travel time to the race is just over 1 hour.. So that means a very early start to my Saturday. I know it will be a great day and I’ll do well. I just dislike my pre race nerves, at least I know how to deal with them now.

I have news on the cultural front, I’ve been picked to be part of a 1000 people crowd at a wickedly unique concert. I have 3 sets of codes for tickets to the Quietest Concert Ever put on by CBC right in my province. It will be at Fundy National park on the ocean floor at low tide! That’s only one of the unique qualities of this adventure. We get to listen to the concert with wireless headphones, that’s the quietest part of the quietest Concert. We will be one with Serena Ryder another inspiring part of the equation. So CBC music + ocean floor at low tide at Fundy National Park + Serena Ryder = The Quietest Concert Ever




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