Focus Stream (Sunny Sunday)

imageThis was an impromptu photo shoot while doing my last major cross training before Marathon by the sea. I decided instead of getting all in my head about this race, I’d go for a bike ride. It cleared my head of the what if & focused my mind on the what is & will be. I got a strange sense of calm while trying to write this post the first time. Saved it to drafts only to find out it wasn’t there. Here’s TAKE 3…

Fierce focus is what brought me to my 2 race weekend at Bluenose in May, it will bring me to this race too. I’m not saying 5k’s are easy, I’m just getting into a groove, I’m getting to know where to go slow & steady and when to give the gusto.

I’ve been part of the iRun magazine series of Great Canadian seekers this year & it’s awesome inspiration. Introductions were featured in the March 2015 edition & follow ups on the iRun blog. Myself & 9 others were featured for our charity running. I decided to turn everything on its head in 2015 due to miscommunication from the management of my preferred charity. I’m turning charity into a 3 race challenge & still spreading those charity wings with another cause Close to my heart.

At Bluenose I was part of a photo that got featured in the July/August Running Room magazine. I didn’t even know until it was asked “would you mind if the photo got featured in the July/August edition” we all said yes. This year has been a year of coming together and spreading wings. 2014/2015 race season has been about many challenges, not just the obvious. My performance induced anxiety/mental block has gotten to me. I’m just glad it was found & smooched. I’m slowly but surely coming out with my head held high & realizing that what I have currently is enough while finding out where I need to go.

I’m starting to really find my stride & my strong. It’s knowing where you’ve been that can take you where you want to go.


Cutness overload (Murphy the Lab) (Tucker the Doodle)



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