Mid week musings 

This blog post is brought to you by a sunny disposition! 

I figured out why I’ve been in a rut since Bluenose in May, it’s a performance anxiety issue & a close race to follow. I’ve raced before that’s not the issue, it’s I’ve never had two major races this close together. In 2014 it was Bluenose, a couple of non majors and then Legs for literacy at the end of October. 

2015 is different, a 2 race weekend at Bluenose (May), then August 8th my Saint John race, Confederation Bridge Terry Fox (sept 20th) and my last two races 1 week apart (PEI October 17/18 & legs for literacy October 24/25). I believe I’ve bitten off more races than I can handle. 

Then this occurred to derail my plans…Dad had messaged me and told me 9 days before the race, he & I would have a great day after I sent him parking info for the Saint John race. Suddenly the biggest cheerleader you’ve got slams a extra work day the exact day of your next race. I got very agitated & frustrated (she’s known for months about the race). She finally admitted the wrong, now has the day off. It was selfish, but mom won’t take time off (vacation) and I’m providing her one day to support her family member. I don’t ask for many major things, but no mom would make for a very counter productive day (dad being the pessimist). What a way to throw a wrench in your best laid plans. 

Now I’m back on track with the weather back to sunny & comfortable standards for this time of year. 

Figuring it out, 


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