Weekender update.

I haven’t been honest with you blog, ever since Bluenose it’s been hard for me to get in the swing of things again. I’m honoured & humbled by the fact I did 2 races in the same weekend. I’m just not there mentally, it’s been an experience that I re live by putting my finishers medals around my neck again & still can’t believe they’re mine. I’ve received praise & congratulations but somehow I’m still not there. 

Saint John (race 2/3 for Maritime Medal) is in 2 weeks, I’m not ready, it doesn’t excuse the lack of preparation. I need this race to shake my confidence back to where I know it can take me. I don’t have any expectations other than Just to be there. Since it’s my first time doing this race, I have some times in mind but this time I won’t mention on here what are the time goals. Just know my personal best 5K is currently 45:36 & I’m aiming for a sub 40 minute by the end of October, if I can shake the mental block. 


The following just randomly landed on my Starbucks drink…

 Just when I needed it.

In good times & bad. Optimistically yours,


4 thoughts on “Weekender update.

  1. While not a runner, there’s plenty that I have as a “mental block” on in continuing forward and not resting on the past successes. I have a lot of encouragement and support from many people, but I just can’t seem to get through it. We can chat when you like. Take care!


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