From memories to friendships

Runners love each other because the shared experiences bring out the best in everyone. Shared experiences are just that shared. The memories last forever & that’s how actual friendships start one shared experience at a time!A quote on why runners love each other so much from a February 2015 iRun blog post, written by Andrew Chak 

I’m not saying you’re going to be best of friends right away, but the connection forms. The more you engage the more you’ll get from the friendship. I could name many people who I’ve met through running (including Andrew Chak), I would have a list a mile long & probably still miss some. 

The one person who I want to focus on is Amy. Amy was the person who greeted me with a huge grin & put my 10k finishers medal over my head at the Bluenose Marathon back in May. That’s the kind of shared experiences & memories I was talking about in my quote. I was thinking of her today as I was cleaning & looking at my race bibs (numbers) & finishers medals from just over 1.5 years of races. 

 It took about 4 months after joining, for me to meet the first group of @RunAtCan folks that was at Legs For Literacy 2014. That started an amazing support “team” atmosphere that grew leaps & bounds in May 2015 at Bluenose. I met part of the New Brunswick crew in 2014 & part of the Nova Scotia crew in 2015. These memories & shared experiences are what makes a running community shine. 

One memory/experience at a time,


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