Happy Mid Week #SummerFitGearExchange

It’s now mid afternoon & I just got 2 parcels in the mail…my Pillsbury Doug boy shirt from the Cheerios box offer & the long awaited Summer Fit Gear Exchange parcel from Tina…she was right, worth the wait!   This is what awaited me…

 A beautiful card was the first thing I saw, you got me right in the heart Tina.   
Then I went for a small black mesh gift sac…  This gift sac included a headband,NUUN (Lemon Lime) & a set of button like devices that hold your race number in place (sans pins)

Then I saw two very awesome scarf like items one a BUFF & the other a North Face cover it. I got a 5 peaks Buff.   I tried my North Face Cover it on for a test run! 


After that I found tucked in the middle between everything 2 packets of Pink Lemonade Honey Stingers, I may have enough energy for a very long bike ride or walk (tasty).   


Thank you, 



5 thoughts on “Happy Mid Week #SummerFitGearExchange

  1. Awesome!! Glad you love it! I found the NorthFace one – and it was the BEST colours…but I thought maybe you would love a 5Peaks Trail Running Buff as well! I am an ambassador for them, and love my Buffs, so I had to share Best part will also be no one in your area will have one – since they are races in BC, Albert, Ontario and a few in Quebec. Still – I knew they weren’t your fav colours, but no matter they are GREAT all year round. Enjoy the Nuun and the Honeystingers – love them for hikes, long runs and hydrating on hot days. Those buttons are awesome – no more pin snags. The headband is BIC Bans – a lovely woman makes them and has so many awesome to choose from – and every month donates a portion of her profit to charity. If you don’t push it too far back they stay on and keep your hair in place! HAve a fun rest of summer!!


    1. Oops sorry to burst your bubble with the last comment, I think anyone who has the guts to do any distance on a trail race is wicked. The closest to a trail race I got (so far) is Run or Dye on a ski hill. Mad respect for running hills!


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