A coach role (separation from yourself)

Charlotte, when I said you were the only reason I finished the race I really wasn’t kidding. I was very ready to give up. Hearing you cheering me on even though I was almost dead last made me push that last 1k to get to the finish line. Thank you! You truly are an amazing person. Jenn

I don’t know exactly where the encouragement comes from, but it’s a magical part of my being. Maybe it’s because I had small doses when I was younger or maybe I developed the resiliency to over come life’s stuff. Whatever the root was it’s pretty awesome. 

The reason I bring this quote up is because I love the give & take of the running community. I learn from others about running everyday. I see just how others overcome obstacles, so if I ever have issues I can adapt quickly. The above quote reminds me of adapting quickly, I saw the struggle was real & went with her down the path cheering her on. I just decided (split second) to be with her, I was given a chance to cheer & so I did. I don’t know why, seeing her across the finish was the greatest cheering/coaching moment to date (I’m crying). I knew Jenn had it in her 

Being able to inspire (even one person) is over the top! 

Your cheering coach,



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