Epic Adventure (Terry Fox Run 2015)

Recently I was asked about taking part in the 35th Terry Fox Run on the Confederation Bridge (between New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island). Here’s the answer! 
I’ll take you back to my younger years as an elementary school child. Every September (without fail) we’d cross the road and walk around Victoria park (which is 3 city blocks long). As a child this would take forever and was fun. As I grew old enough to understand I was told by my grandfather (Grampy F) that the mark on his hand was skin cancer. He’d get it look after regularly I never thought anything of it until my teens, I learned what skin cancer was & how the effects can lead to many issues. 

I was in my early 20’s when my grandfather was hospitalized for almost 2 months before he passed in the summer of 2007. It was a time of great realization, my brother was moving into his first house & Grampy wanted to see it (he did get to see photos) and we knew it was a matter of time as all his body was going to shut down. It was early morning August 27th, 2007 when Grampy Passed away. I was turning over in my bed & saw my parents sneaking out the door. They didn’t know until much later, that I saw them. I knew Grampy had passed. My dad took it hard (my dad’s an only child) and he knew it was going to be rough. My dad didn’t tell me until about 1 year later exactly how my Grampy passed away, even tough I knew he had skin cancer all along. All this was brought on because he collapsed in Costco, while he was with a friend. 

As I grew older in my twenties & beyond I understood how many forms of cancer “worked”. I also know that research is the key to finding a cure. Research is the most underfunded part of the science world, yet it means so much to get people feeling better. This is why I am running a 5k on September 20th, 2015. In honour of Grampy & because I know even the smallest gift means the world. 

If you want to help, you can donate at TerryFox.ca search charflew23 or look up Charlotte Flewelling

Thanks for coming on the adventure, 



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