A sense of belonging…

It’s days like today when you realize you belong to a wicked community. A runners community can come in all shapes & sizes, from your local run club to social Media running crews. 

I belong to a wicked group on Twitter called @RunAtCan, stands for running Atlantic Canada. Most of us are from Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick,Nova Scotia,Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador), we have a few people from Ontario. Some have run races here in Atlantic Canada or vise versa. I realize (as I see race weekend photos) that we are getting a MAJOR following, race directors snapping pics of us to RUNfies (running selfies). I’m proud to be a support system (cheerleader) for this group. I love seeing all the photos (pre/post race). We encourage & bring out the best in each other. That’s what a running group is all about. No matter how big or small being in a group gives us a chance to bring out the best in each other. 

Some of the @RunAtCan group

Cheering from Moncton, 



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