Much to my amazement, I’ve been getting feedback on my posts (some more than others)! The BIG THINGS that have STUCK OUT are how much of a HERO I am to some & how AMAZED people are that I’m doing what I do.  

I see running as an adventure, something to just put me outside my comfort zone. I don’t see running just for physical health reasons, I also see it for my overall mental health. I’ve come to the realization just recently as I did my (double double) 5/10k at Bluenose. I got myself up a major hill on the 10k route because of the MENTAL side of running. Like my previous year I had a rough patch up that hill, somehow I was alone & ready to conquer it. I remember feeling so blah at that point, I clinched my teeth together and up that hill I went determined to get it done. I did it & thought as I turned the corner you have 2 more corners and the finish will be yours. I did those corners and booted it to the finish with tears in my eyes as I got closer, I made the IMPOSSIBLE to I’m possible. I did it. I may have looked like a deer in headlights all weekend, but I set out to conquer & DID! 

This leads me to my next adventure…a new race added to my schedule. I’m running 5k for The Terry Fox Run on September 20th, 3 days before I turn 33! This year marks the 35th anniversary of the run, because of that I’m running this 5k on the Confederation Bridge between my home province (New Brunswick) & Prince Edward Island. PEI is my next race after that date. Ironic I’ll be running towards PEI, the last time they closed this bridge (except for weather issues) was 5 years ago for the 30th Terry Fox Run. It’s a fundraiser for Cancer Research, my Grampy F passed away from skin cancer in 2007. 
Please join me in supporting The Terry Fox Run! Help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Terry’s Marathon of Hope. if you have issues with the link look up charflew23 as the registrant. 
Hope you can help, 

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