lalalaaaaaa, found out who my gear will be coming from…her name is Tina from Calgary Alberta. I’m writing this blog post to help her (yes I’ll send her the link). 

I Love Aqua (blue& green), would love to try some hydration tablets (especially for this hot/humid weather) I get light headed & off in this type of weather. Another thing I’ve been meaning to get is some sort of Buff type device. I’d really appreciate this with the wide variety of uses it could handle. 


See the Aqua & blue influence this is the type of colour palette I like. I feel in love with that now 2 year old scarf & hat just because of the colours. Another piece of gear I had was pink loved pink since I was a wee kid (thanks to my grandmothers influence).  Brighter the better In the pink department. 

I also I’m fiercely proud to be Canadian & have many Red/White shirts (used to collect Olympic merchandise when we had The Bay/Zellers). 

Just In case, my shirt size is XL (men) & XXL (women) 

Looking forward to see what’s coming my way, I’ll blog about it for sure! 



2 thoughts on “#SummerFitGearExchange 

  1. ha! so awesome! I LOOOOVE buffs – that is a great hint. The colour stuff is important…I am a pink purple orange gal…so good to know about blue!! 🙂 I will have to put my brain in gear this weekend to get creative!!! 🙂


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