Epic Adventure (2/3 for Maritime challenge Medal)

The Maritime Challenge Medal (MCM) is a 3 race challenge that takes you to 3 different provinces, Nova Scotia (Bluenose), New Brunswick (Marathon by the sea) & Prince Edward Island (Prince Edward Island Marathon). 

August 8th, 2015 will be my first summer Race, Marathon by the sea in Saint John, New Brunswick. Saint John marks race 2 of 3 for my challenge medal. It will mark the second province run in for 2015. Bluenose was the first and I am so happy for the possibilities of bettering my Personal Best (PB). The last 2 races are flat, with Saint John being an out & back (meaning you turn around at mid point & reverse back where you came from). 

   Saint John (above) the yellow is the route

 Prince Edward Island is my 3rd, this race is October 18th, 2015. The final race of my MCM. (Below) 

Then October 25th is my last race of 2015 (my hometown race) Legs for Literacy!  


These are the rest of my major races for 2015. 

Anyone doing any awesome or obscure races? Let me know. 



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