Coach (cheerleader) role 

I didn’t think in my wildest dreams I’d be cheering, coaching & directing traffic in a race. Until I decided to cheer on a friend I met at the Bluenose in Halifax a few weekends back. 

The bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world & is pretty aw inspiring even to me (who has the fortune of living nearby). I went to the Hopewell Rocks (one of many inspiring places along the Bay) to cheer on a runner who was taking part in the first ever 8k multi surface race (trail/road). It was inspiring as I saw a handful of Team CBC members from both Moncton & Halifax who were taking part. 

  This is as you entered the beach 

 This is as you exited the beach before the stairs (see below for stairs)


Of course I had to take a selfie with the “flower pot” rocks below as I waited for the fierce competitor to finish 1k in the mud below! 

She did it, despite her leg giving out in the foggy dampness that was setting in by the time she had gotten there. She said afterwards, “I couldn’t have done it without you being here.” That means the most, I cried realizing in that one split second we created a strong bond. 

She’s amazing & will conquer the world one step at a time. 



2 thoughts on “Coach (cheerleader) role 

  1. Charlotte, when I said you were the only reason I finished the race I really wasn’t kidding. I was very ready to give up. Hearing you cheering me on even though I was almost dead last made me push that last 1k to get to the finish line. Thank you! You truly are an amazing person.


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