A CBC runner…What is it like to race with a CBC logo on your back. 

What is it like to race with a CBC logo on your back? 

I’ll take you back to July 2013, when I entered a contest to be apart of a learn to run clinic & run a 5K at Legs for literacy in my hometown. I entered  the contest stating, I was a literacy tutor for 6 months (in grade 12) and that I’ve always wanted to learn the mechanics on how to run.

FAST FORWARD to Early August 2013 & I got sick (bad enough to land me in hospital for the first time ever), Monday August 12th they announced the team…I was suppose to be on that team…I was, just not learning to run. I didn’t let it get me down, In the back of my mind, I was going to be there with the encouragement of my doctor(s) I got there.

October 27th,2013 (71 days after surgery) I walked my first 5K in 50:54. Proudly as I got towards the finish line, our Information Morning Moncton host was calling the race & said that is Charlotte Flewelling of team CBC as I crossed the line. I’ve never forgotten that. It’s a sense of pride when you finish a race, with a CBC logo on your back it’s even more so. 

 Start line photo & finishers medal 2013  

As a HUGE fan of CBC, I’ve always felt apart of the greater community of watchers (TV) & Listeners (radio). I started listening to CBC radio as a young kid in the late 80’s. It was my dad who set the wheels in motion. It’s always been a family affair with CBC. My fondest memories of my first years of CBC were Christmas open houses at the station & my dad being interviewed for either the Moncton Art Society or School related activities (he was a teacher). Now I’ve decided to keep the feeling of community alive as I’ve had the pleasure to be apart of 3 Team CBC’s. Two in Moncton & one in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In April 2015, I was proclaimed to be one of CBC Monctons most loyal listeners & super fan of CBC.

Having a CBC logo on your back is pretty amazing (like I mentioned some of my fondest memories are thanks to CBC), The sense of community, being apart of a team & be part of a larger group with same goal, is what keeps me coming back for more. With the team here in Moncton I’ve seen progression in some of the runners, one runner in particular ran her very first race (5K) in 2013 & 2014 did her first 10K.

TeamCBC Moncton 2014

Recently I finished a 2 race weekend (15K) at The Bluenose Marathon in Halifax. Last October during my 2nd team CBC appearance (in Moncton) I was asked by a gentlemen from CBC if I’d take part in Halifax. So I joined Team CBC for Bluenose March 13th (Friday the 13th). It was equally as awesome with more CBC staff taking part then here in Moncton. Our Team in Moncton is more community members & less staff. The BEST part was when I walked into the Expo, they remembered me, greeted me with BIG SMILES & when I finished my last of 2 races, they said will we see you in October…I said YES. I will make my 4th appearance on TEAM CBC this October for my last race of 2015. A nice way to bookend my race season, Go TeamCBC! 

Now this is a sense of PRIDE, being a Team CBC runner is the BEST!  



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