Epic Adventure (10k Bluenose)

I must admit (I’m writing this on the first patio day of 2015) & I’m drinking a frappuchino & my green tea (iced). Today was an amazing day to put everything I learned at Bluenose 2015 into perspective.  

My 10K day started out cloudy & damp a total reverse of the previous day’s 5k. I woke up to check all the social media for updates and well wishes. I found Anna (Piper’s Run) left a message. 


I pumped some Alan Doyle into my head & set off at about 7AM to get my day started. I got to see some of the social media peeps & wish them well before I made my way to the start. It ended up showering as I made my way to the start (parents were waiting outside). It stopped as I turned the corner & got into my start corral, I saw my friend Andrew P (didn’t know his wife was also running her first 10k). The start was rough (I did 5k the previous afternoon). I made it to the Angus L MacDonald Bridge, felt blisters on my feet (it didn’t get me down). As I made my way to Dartmouth I felt crappy, until one of my @RunAtCan peeps high fives me (there’s power in those high fives). I managed the out & back in Dartmouth. On my way back over the bridge I got caught between 2 groups. There I was alone & needing to get myself up a hill. My mental game got tested, as I said (to myself) you’ve done this before, you’ve got this and with extreme determination in my eyes I made it up hill and around the corner to the best sign…10k 1k left! Like 2014, it was a beacon. Just around 2 more corners I’d be a 15k finisher! I did those 2 corners with gusto, made my way to finish. The first person I saw in the finish corral was AMY. I was so excited, I screamed AMY, AMY she looked up and I beamed a smile, I said to her I DID IT, she was the first person I celebrated with. She put my 10k finishers medal over my head proudly, I’ll never forget it. It’s a great feeling epesscially if it’s someone you know!  

The neat thing about TeamCBC at Bluenose is there are more CBC staff that take part in races then here in Moncton. It was equally as cool & fun to race with a CBC logo on your back. I’ll explain in a later blog. 

I learned that running is physical with a side of Mental when needed! My mental game was on point to get me where I knew I could go. I DID IT! 

An excited yet humble,


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