Epic Adventure (5k Bluenose)

I got up with a sense of calm & we (parents & I) headed to Starbucks for green tea (ice tea) and set off. At about the half way point we stopped at Masstown Market to have a pit stop. Before we actually arrived in Halifax I asked for one more stop to be made, to get shower gel & shampoo at LUSH. We got into Halifax about 11:30 AM . I got dropped off at the expo…off I went got my race kits.

First of all, went back to my hotel, had lunch with my parents & back to the expo. That afternoon a twitter group I’m involved in was doing a panel on social media (it happened to be at 2PM) just before the 5k. I met up with my peeps, enjoyed most of the social media panel, did my 5k (within minutes of getting a PB). Since my injury in January threw off my mojo I was happily surprised at being so close to a personal best.  I faired well considering the heat & humidity for my first late afternoon race. 

Charlotte & Amy (the person I got my 10k finishers medal from)

Peeping Paul, Renee, Amy & Charlotte

The best photo of Bluenose 2015 (@RunAtCan crew) back Charlotte,Durwin front John Stanton, Anna,Amy,Paul Andrew C & Andrew P

Our social media ninja (man behind @RunAtCan) Paul during the panel.

As the panel continued last call for anyone doing the 5k was announced, made my way to the start area (as we got cheered leaving the panel).

The start gun was fired, off I went. Around the corner to a out & back, on the way back I grossly underestimated the gradual hill (it was longer then I thought). Once back towards the start area I felt my second wind. Giving high fives to my Team CBC counterparts does wonders, rounding the Halifax Citadel I knew the finish was within reach. As I turned on to Brunswick St. I took off sprinting to the finish. The first of 2 finishes at Bluenose 2015 was complete. I did 1/3 of my goal, after a shower I went out with the crew to dinner.

The dinner crew at the Stubborn Goat

Slept well (once the brat kids hyped up on sugar stopped running by my room) I went out to let them know to walk & not run, then was asked by a parent “are you running in the morning” I said YES & she took blame for sugaring up the kids. Did I mention that it had been going on for a long time before I went to talk to them. We were by the pool, so I dismissed the running until it went on & on. Ahh the joys of hotel life.

My next post will be a 10k adventure…stay tuned,



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