Epic Adventure (48 hrs from 5k) 

Let’s face it we all get our nerves shaken just before a race. It’s a way to help us prepare for what’s ahead. Yesterday (Wednesday) evening I felt sick. It’s a sign, because many people are feeling off right now. I just knew if I ate the wrong thing I’d set off a chain of stomach issues. I’ve been really good at choosing wisely what I eat. It’s just hard. Today (Thursday) is warm & normally I’d be walking or  running not today, I sit & contemplate my goals. 

I believe I’ll obtain a new record on my 10k, but it’s the 5k that’s shaking the nerves (as I write I feel like exploding). I’m not setting out to break my 5k best, if I do I’ll be happy. I just cannot wait to be there, I want to go now.  


I’ll write a new post either during or right after race weekend. 

Stay tuned,


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