Epic adventure (1week out)

This question was asked on Bluenose Social media, 1 week away, are you ready for bluenose? I answered, Am I ready with 1 week to go…NO, will I be ready YES! #giver. 
I keep getting amazing feedback, from those who’ve ran before me. The (Saturday) 5k is a long gradual hill, so I’m ready with my run/walk strategy, just to survive. My 10k Sunday, is where I need my head to be clear & ready. If I break my personal best in 5k, I’ll be happy. I’m not setting out for my first 5k of 2015 with record breaking strategies, I’m just out there to be apart of the action. Same with my 10k, but knowing where & when to get with it will be the key to my success this year. 
I’ve got teams of @RunAtCan peeps waiting for me at the finish in both distances. 
Speaking of my @RunAtCan peeps, Our Bluenose panel discussion will be on “How Social Media Benefits the Running Community”. Yes, panel & @RunAtCan in same sentence. As it happens, I’ll be readying myself for my 5k. Some of them said they’ll be at the finish waiting to see me cross, I’m crying just thinking of the potential feeling. 
So many emotions have been creeping up, one in particular is the fear. All I have to fear, is fear itself. I won’t let it get me down. To me fear is just your body adapting to the sensation of readying yourself for a big event. Once I arrive in Halifax, just like last year, I’ll be OK. 
With 1 week left until Bluenose 2015. It’s time to giver all you got!  




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