Epic Adventure (May day)

It’s May & those who know what my racing season is, will know it’s only weeks away from my first race of 2015. Only 2 weeks until my debut 5k & my 2nd 10k at The Bluenose Marathon, Halifax Nova Scotia. I’m getting excited again, the last few weeks while I was chasing spring it just wasn’t clicking. Now (may 2nd) if feels & looks like (dare I say it) SPRING. 

I was suppose to write a personal piece about the last few weeks, it’s coming but not today as I only have minimal power on my iPad and forgot the cord at home.

This weekend marks an amazing weekend as I cheer on 3 New Brunswickers running a half (2 people) or full marathon (1 person) in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada (all the way out west)! I’m cheering like a beast from the east! I know eventually the person running her first full will read this!   Some street art to set your path for the month & beyond…HAPPY MAY. 

The eternal optimist has returned with a most excellent outlook. Until next time, 



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