Epic Adventure (Community, Scared not weak)

To be apart of a community is an amazing experience. This entry into my training journal comes after the city of Moncton celebrated its official birthday (125 years). 
Community defined as a group of people living in the same place (people of Moncton).

A group of Moncton artists celebrating 125 years of incorporation April 23rd, 2015 & one of them is my dad.

 Having  a particular characteristic in common. A feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests & goals (a running community). I’ve benefited from & have given back to my running community.    A random start photo from Legs For Literacy 2014 Moncton.

As I head towards Bluenose 2015 in less then 3 weeks. I see all those taking part getting it together, personally it hasn’t been without ups & downs. Right now I’m battling the biggest battle, myself. Things have been shaken in a major way. The reasons I won’t air in a public forum, but let’s put it this way…SCARED NOT WEAK. To put the words scared not weak in my post has made me cry as I’m writing. The eternal optimist is even shaking her head on this post (me). I’m sitting here without any real connection going on in my brain, I haven’t & won’t give up but I’m scared. 

Trudging ahead one step at a time,



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