Epic Adventure (helpful pointers)

It’s the point in which I turn the training to HIGH (1 month to go). We’ve had a good streak of warm/sunny weather and I’ve been taking adavantage. 

I was bestowed some good tips recently, one tip about a hilly race course & two tips about racing consecutive days. 

Hilly course: pump arms hard to carry you up hill. This makes sense (pumping arms hard to carry you up hill) because I do hills (a unique hill at that). See photo, this is my unique training, so pumping my arms hard to get up the hill works (especially the second side)!

Racing consecutive days: think of the 2 races as training (for the long haul) & listen even closer to your body, you push to hard & there may be nothing left in the tank. I’m doing back to back training days (Sunday & Monday) to get myself ready for my consecutive races. 

I’m doing everything possible to keep my spirits up, it’s been rough lately. I’m getting through it one foot in front of the other. 


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