Running favourites (thanks Piper’s Run)

Location: trail road indoors etc
I’m a road runner at heart, I’ve tried to trail run but it takes a toll on me! The trails I use are small crushed gravel that turns to mud in spring & is hard as pavement with specks of loose gravel in the summer. I use them to walk & bike on. 
Time of day: Morning noon evening? 
I love to run at night or daytime (when time allows), I race in the AM (most races). So the moral is anytime! 
Weather: sunshine Mild hot etc
I’ve come up with a simple formula since summer of 2013 when I started training for my first race…as long as you layer correctly & know the weather patterns you’ll be OK. I really have a hard time running in extreme cold & extreme humidity. If I start to run & can’t make it to the end of my block I just walk. I’m still out there. 
Fuel: before, after or sometimes during?
Sadly lacking (work in progress).  
Before, Sip of coffee (I mean a sip too), usually bread with some condiment & banana with water spaced out from wake up to about 1 hour before the race. I’ve also tried oatmeal before a race too. 
During I keep my hydration up…mostly water but at the 10k distance (taking me over the hour mark to complete) I incorporated sports drink. This helps maintain all the good that your body needs for the long haul. 
After energy bar, water and God only knows (varies by time of day of the race).
Accessories: music, watch more?
During training I use my iPod to listen to radio or music (not every run but most). I don’t do a running watch or anything else. NO gadgets on race day, just me, myself & I. 
Rewards: food, wine or…? 
Rewards are easy in this order too stretch,shower, food & a nap! 
Food= my first race it was a normal lunch & a sliver of lemon meringue pie. My second race it was a fish & lobster potato salad at Masstown Market in Nova Scotia (after Bluenose marathon 2014)! 
Found out as I was celebrating my first RUNaversary that beer is a no go! You live & learn. 
Type of run: long,tempo,intervals,hill repeats,progression or recovery (easy)? 
Intervals: I LOVE my block to block approach. 
Hill Repeats: drain the battery please!
A good recovery (easy) every once in awhile! 

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