Epic Adventure (update 5 weeks away) 

5 weeks away from Bluenose

It’s a sad part of my training blogs that I seem to over think it ( not the first race I’ve done this). I’ve done the hardest part of this race weekend before (10k) & still self doubt kicks in at about 4 or 5 weeks before an event. 

The big thing I eluded to in a previous blog is I’m scared & nervous about doing 2 races in one race weekend. Rightly so, it’s a first for me. I’m more than capable, I know it…here’s where the together in my alone together blog comes into play. I’ve been held accountable by my running peers so I need those words of encouragement (now more then ever)! 

Leave a comment or leave me some wise words. I’m in this for the long haul & will prevaile! 

Side note: Piper’s Run I’m working on your running favourites tag post. I will keep my promise it will be up soon! 



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