Epic Adventure (alone together?)

Is it ok to start thinking of & training in new outfits? Less than 6 weeks away, the saying is NO NEW GEAR on race day. 

The together…
Found out more people from @RunAtCan are taking part in the 10k & someone else is volunteering. Anna is joining the 10k after she did some soul searching & decided to be conservative after injury. I’m a firm believer any run (no matter distance) is a good run. 
I found out Amy (crazymamaruns) is helping with finishers medal duties on Sunday the day of the 10k (I’m going to give her the biggest hug, for being an amazing person). Amy cannot run until at least the fall due to knee surgery, it won’t stop her from helping though. 
The alone...
Time for some goal setting for Bluenose, 5k is easy (coming off a Personal best run in October 2014) 45:36 or less to set a new PB. 
Now the 10k is harder to set. Based on my current 5k time, I should be able to do a 10k in 90 minutes (1h30mins)
The moral: Races are a solo thing, with group benefits (motivation/accountability). 
Found out last minute Andrew is only doing the 5k, that’s ok. It takes a strong will to run any distance, but two races in a short time takes a will of steel.  

I believe that it’s going to be a unique experience on many levels. The main thing I’m both worried & excited for is the physical outcome of doing 2 races in 20 hours. It will be a first! 

Feeling: scared & determined

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