Epic Adventure (emotions on high)

This blog will be all over the place, I’m writting original draft on paper as a part of my training notes, I usually write it on a notepad type app. 

Bought new sneakers today, I continue my lime green & black theme. 

These are my current pair below

Things have been rough all around, not feeling the sun love (not sunny). It’s been a reflective/overwhelming time. It seems to cycle the really good & rough parts. This hit me about the same time in 2014 as I got ready for the Bluenose. I do believe the key is lack of sun. 
I need this time to reflect because I’ve grown leaps & bounds in all aspects. 

The most growth is done while realizing what you have is enough (no more, no less). Just like my training, I’ve taken the no more, no less approach while maintaining what I have. With the injury in January, it’s also made me realize what I have is enough. 

The moral is you never know what can happen without trying ( you take a  leap into the Galaxy, the least you can do is fall amongst the stars.)



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