Epic Adventure (7 weeks out)

Everyone says that It’s plain to see,

That everyone knows myself but me.
We’re trying our own way just to be 
a shade of the people in our dreams. 
A lyric from “wherever you go” 
By Fortunate Ones 
I’ve had some moments this past week looking at social media and thought how can we be a shade of people in our dreams? I’ve come up with a general thought on how, I have come up with the thought of action vs reaction. People are quick to be one sided or jaded in their thoughts. I believe “action speaks louder than words.” I was recently named “an optimist to the core” by Christa Davidson for an iRun magazine article, apart of a Terry Fox issue. To me being an optimist has it’s good & bad parts. I try to build up & support others, when they turn on you that’s a whole other story. It’s just been that kind of time recently despite the previous entries (that’s where optimism comes into play)! People think I’m blind to many things, on the contrary, I see the world from both sides now. 
The moral of this whole rant is being optimistic has a certain amazing power! 
Just under 2 months until Bluenose & my first Team CBC appearance outside of Moncton, third times a charm right YES IT IS!
Here’s a good sign of spring…



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