Epic Adventure (Friday the 13th)

It’s a unique year in 2015, because of the fact there are 3 Friday the 13ths. One was in February, March & again in Novemeber. 

I was looking at my FB and saw the trainer for Team CBC at Bluenose Marathon was introduced. I wrote a comment on the post and got a response I didn’t think would happen. Here’s the photos of the post. 

If you read what’s in the photos you’d see I’m a two time alumnus of team CBC Moncton for Legs For Literacy (2013 & 2014). The moral here is third time is a charm or third time Lucky? Both! Out of the blue I decided to un stitch my original Team CBC shirt pillow back to it’s original form as a long sleeved shirt. I’ll proudly wear it at some point during my time in Halifax on May 16th-17th. 

What you’ve been all waiting for my official race schedule for 2015 is as follows :

Bluenose Marathon (Halifax, Nova Scotia)  May 16th – 17th 5k & 10k

Marathon by the sea (Saint John, New Brunswick) August 8th 5k 

Prince Edward Island Marathon (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island) October 18th 5k

I only have  6 days between PEI & my next race…

Legs For Literacy (Moncton, New Brunswick) October 25th

I may have mentioned these races before, now it’s set! I’m still waiting on PEI to open registration, Saint John & Legs For Literacy will be registered for at the end of March, of course Bluenose was a Christmas gift done on December 19th, 2014. 

My Race year is set, now it’s time to execute! Training from now until the end of October. 



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