Epic Adventure (reflections)

I am currently sitting on the floor trying to decide how far I’ll go for a run…YES RUN. I’ve been keeping my legs “fresh” by walking this winter. Unlike last where I slugged it out. Slugged is the best term because I was slow. This winter came with its big share of crappy (way to much snow, ice,slush, cold temperatures & my first injury). So the moral of this part of the blog is keep looking up & ahead because good things will come. 

Now is the time to act, week 4  (Bluenose training) starts now. I have no other news on this front. Except I’m still taking part in my 5/10k combo. 

 I just looked up and saw this : 

This is my bib from Legs for literacy 2014 & my Bluenise 10k from 2014 (I put new on top of old)
Legs for literacy is my RUNaversary race, I consider it to be my favourite local race. I looked up for inspiration & I got an eye full. I’m a very proud person, to see this collection of race bibs is amazing. This running year I’ll add a third province to the places run. I’m looking forward to officially letting everyone know where & when in a future post. 

Then I took this pic, I looked into my eyes and saw how scared I was. I’m determin the task I’ve set before myself this running year. If only the weather & my body would cooperate. I get sore at about freezing and any thing above/below I am fine. 


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