Epic Adventure (snowy son of a…)

I admit, I’m not a fan of winter being from December to late March. It’s been a test in creativity (training wise). Stairs are brutal! I live on the top floor of my apartment building (only 3 floors). With my back injury in January, it threw my mojo off (BIG TIME), then the snow continued that trend. Now, slush puddles of early spring are starting to rear their ugly heads, I feel compelled to be out more & more. 

I’ve been fortunate to acquire some new “running fashion” recently. Holly,heck they’re bright! 

I’m apart of a weekly chat that sometimes has sponsors join us to chat on various topics. One of these chats was about recovery. The sponsor was a company called CSXCHAMPION (champion Sports xtreme), they make elbow/knee braces & compression socks (medical devices). That sparked my interest in getting a pair of compression socks. That’s where the adventure began, I went to a local retailer of this product & it started. I asked about the socks & the rest (sadly) went downhill from there. They tried to sell me something I didn’t want and it would have been an extended time before I could get them (it wasn’t fun to deal with). Realizing CSXCHAMPION is a relatively new company, I knew I may face hurdles. Never did I think it would turn me off. 
I messaged the local area sales rep,who I chatted with on our weekly chat, within 24 hours got a package delivered to me. The sales rep talked to her marketing people & graciously sent me a pair of my preferred colour socks (lime green on black). Included was a note that stated the reason for the free pair (they had seen on my Twitter conversation with one of he winners from the sock giveaway). I appreciated it, this is a sign of a company worth trying. In the mean time, I also acquired another make of compression sock, I’ll use them in combination with my CSXCHAMPION pair. It was not my intention to get a free pair either, I wanted the sales rep to know what happened so she could help teach the retailer about all products, not just the braces. 

The moral is, get your thoughts in order before you vent…you never know who’s watching or listening. 
Week 3 of Bluenose Training, I find out two more of the peeps from the above mentioned weekly chat are taking part. Wahoo! I get very excited when people say they’ll be doing a race (especially if I’m racing in it too).  

Take the long way home (5k detour)

When the snowbanks are above your head, we blow right through them. 

This is what Bluenosers do to take the edge off winter! 


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