Epic Adventures (friends along the way!)

I found out one of my fellow @RunAtCan friends is taking up my Double, Double challenge at Bluenose with me. I’m honoured that he will taking part with me. Andrew is an amazingly community minded person with a big heart. I told him my game plan…”you know I’m running the 5k & walking the 10k, can you keep up?” He said “I’ll try.” It’s all in the attempt!

I’m looking forward to the warmer months ahead. My May race starts another goal for me (bigger picture).

I’m doing 3 races of 4 that will lead me to an ultimate medal. I’m doing the Maritime medal races…so it’s 3 races in different provinces. I’ll explain, I do Bluenose in Halifax,Nova Scotia (May), Marathon by the sea in Saint John, New Brunswick (August) then The Prince Edward Island Marathon, PEI (October). Then I get one additional medal for taking part in all 3 races. So it will be set in stone now, I’m doing my 5/10k at Bluenose, 5k in Saint John & PEI. So I’ll have 2 bluenose finishers medals,1 from Saint John & 1 from PEI. That’s 4 of five. My last race will be Legs for Literacy in Moncton the weekend following PEI (last weekend in October).

So in the larger scope of things at the end of October I’ll be able to proclaim I’ve run races in 3 provinces…that will be fun!


The big picture is set & now it’s time to shine!



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