#BellLetsTalk day 2015 (January 28, 2015)

Today in Canada is Bell Let’s Talk day. Today brings mass awareness to the cause of Mental Health. By tweeting the #BellLetsTalk hashtag or posting photos on Facebook Bell donates 5cents to mental health initiatives in Canada. It may seem small, but every tweet/post counts, even if you’re not from Canada. If you’re a bell customer (phone) you call long distance there’s another donation.

Today also marks year 5 of Bell Let’s Talk. It was in 2010 that Clara Hughes (Canadian Olympian) got on board after going through her own mental health issues. Little did she know then, it would be that “sharing the story that’s bringing Canadians together.” It’s putting back the human into humanness. We all have a need to be heard at many levels, yet that’s not always the case. My journey with Mental illness has been met with many hurdles, each one I’ve learned something on how to deal with a reoccurrence, no matter how big or small. On days like today, I feel very connected to the masses. I’m able to continue this journey (helping others & myself) by writing this blog.

The reason I wanted to write today is not only because of #BellLetsTalk day but a thought popped into my head while tweeting.


Bluenose Marathon start 2014

It’s about taking a leap in the racing world. For a first time runner a start can be scary, for me I had no expectations (performance wise). I just did the race & was surprised I could do it in the time I did. I continue to shock myself ever since. Those who have mental health issues, depending on which one(s), could be terrified at the start of anything. In retrospect the face of mental illness into mental health is filled with starts & restarts.

One day at a time. In good days & bad days,


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