Ironic post (runners help out)

I wrote about running & giving back in my last post, well I’m going to be apart of a iRun magazine column. I was recruited by a fellow runner Emily to help a girl out. The column author is Christa Davidson who’s a well known Marathoner and a great inspiration.

I looked at the tweet (how I found out about it) almost passing it over. I took a second look & with both feet first I jumped at the opportunity to share my story, like I’ve been able to do with this blog.

This is a small step in me coming to terms with everyday crap & making the best of the time I have been blessed with. I see way to many people with varying circumstances that don’t take the chances to help & then complain without reason “how can you do this”, it’s because we (charity runners) do races so organizations can return the favours to those who need the help.

I’ll leave you with this tidbit from my day… No matter the circumstances be aware that positive actions (running & helping out) sometimes lead to great things (gracing a running column).


I must remind myself of this many times over. Giv’er



4 thoughts on “Ironic post (runners help out)

  1. Great to see this is happening for you. That’s actually sort of how I came into doing all of the mental health stuff I’ve been doing and working alongside the Canadian Mental Health Association. We must take opportunities when they come to help others in need. My main position is helping those who are starting out where I was 20 years ago.


      1. I started telling some of my recovery story back in September in an upstart local newspaper. A lot of positive things began to happen in my life after I walked away from a severely negative situation. It was a blessing


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