Giving & Running

Housekeeping…I told you in the last post about some DOPEY PEOPLE well they finished their races! A 5K, 10K,Half & Full Marathon in 4 days at RunDisney. They ran for Team in training (TNT) for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

(This is a sample of motivation I sent them each day before the races (Full marathon down to 5k).

Full on inspiration…Man you crazy. A 5K,10K, half & Full…you’re a superhero!May the force be with you from Moncton!

Half inspiration…OH HELL! You’ve come this far you may as well finish? What inspiration! Wait until tomorrow, superhero!

sky above me, earth below me. Fire within me! More good thoughts coming your way for 10k!

This is your 5k motivations! Precious few can do what you do! Best wishes on such an epic adventure! Tweet ya tomorrow !

This brings me to my next part of the blog… my giving & running! The reason behind the title. 

The second race I took part in it was a first on a few levels… first out of province race, first in distance (10 K) and a first ever fundraising run. This is by no means an easy task when training & fundraising all at the same time. I volunteer (proudly) for Ronald McDonald house & decided to give back. May 2014 I celebrated 14 months (1 year, 2 months) and wanted to give back. I joined the Charity Challenge team (Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon) and raised 270$. Almost 3 X’s the amount I set my goal for. With the families and Kids on my shoulders, I set off and achieved the goal. You may think it was a burden to have all the weight on my shoulders, it really wasn’t. It was motivation as I almost pulled a Did Not Finish (DNF) at 7K. I was helped up the hill got to the 9K mark and could taste victory, off I went and cried my way to the finish. An epic finish. So epic in fact that I consider it one of the greatest gifts I’ve given! when it’s something you enjoy (running) combined with good intentions (giving back) it equals MAGIC. We were the top fundraising Team with the most team members at 57 people. We raised just over 31 thousand!

I’m looking forward to be apart of this race again in May 2015, in both a 5K Saturday & 10K Sunday. Here’s hoping I’ll be part of the charity Challenge team again!

With a grateful & full heart,



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