Injured list…

I’ve been battling with a reoccurring back injury from 2000…yes that was almost 15 years ago (springtime)! The story is… I slipped with my math textbook (was in my final months of 12th grade) in my backpack & hurt myself badly! I got some therapy for it then and have been in minor pain since. Nothing was very painful until this winter, one day I couldn’t get up it was that painful.

I’ve been taking it relatively easy since my race in October & trying to not get into trouble…until new Years day! The thing I haven’t been honest with is, I nearly got hit on a blind corner on my January 1st  2015 run…that’s why I ended up walking (painfully at that) most of the route. I was in my very reflective gear but the corner I was on is bad! The traffic light has a turning light, but when nothing is coming the driver can turn towards where I was without stopping, I was on a crosswalk signal and looked to make sure nothing was coming, I ran across, at about half way I saw the car & almost got hit! While throwing my hand up to show them the cross walk signal, I must have given myself a few pulled back muscles. It was so bad that I was putting away my holiday decorations & had to ask my dad to pick up my “plastic tub” so I could put the stuff in it!

I’m doing the minimum I have to do to survive, so I don’t aggravate my back. It’s hard because your back helps with everything! I will attempt a walk to see how I feel! It’s not fair at all, but it’s one of the many steps in recovery “test the limits to see how far you’ve come”!

My first race of 2015 is May 16/17,2015 training will start mid February as long as i’m up to it. I will promise one thing…I will only do what I feel is right I’m not that hard headed. If you read my first ever blog post you’ll know why I say this!


Broke down & needed a good cry. This is not fun, I want to go outside but cannot for fear of slipping. Oh how I wish…



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