Looking back,to move forward! (2014 retrospective)

Warning emotional post

Oh crap, I’m crying…this year has been all over the place.

First of all I’ll get the thank you part out of the way…A HUGE thank you to Paul M for reminding me that it’s ok to have a mini panic attack and helping snap me back to reality. My @RunAtCan Twitter crew (way to many people to list). I’ve laughed, cried and smiled my way through many Sunday chats & have learned a lot from you both running and otherwise! You all don’t realize how much the banter back & forth helps. My wish for 2015 is that it brings new distances, personal bests and many adventurous memories! I cannot wait to possibly meet some of the CREW from Nova Scotia in May at the Bluenose Marathon. Looking forward to it! Thank you to my blog readers & subscribers, I don’t know why you’re here but my wish is for some nugget to inspire you or be useful to you. This blog is a form of therapy, it gives me a voice that isn’t always heard (soul soother)!

2014 has been brought to you by many firsts, including but not limited to:
A)Taking part in my first 10k (6.2 mile) and first out of New Brunswick race at The Bluenose marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia in May.
B)Took part in the first ever Run or Dye colour run in New Brunswick (June) at Poley Mountain !
C)Celebrated my first year running by meeting some amazingly awesome @RunAtCan New Brunswick people at my home race Legs For Literacy!

For the first time genuinely, I’ve received praise for helping others get through some rough spots. I’ve also received a swift kick or two when needed. I was diagnosed with depression in February and have been receiving treatment (after an 11 month wait in 2013/early 2014).

In April, I got to meet my all time favourite Canadian Olympian Clara Hughes. Clara is a medalist multiple times in both winter & summer games. Clara has herself gone through Mental Health issues and has gotten help (sadly most people don’t). Clara was undertaking a 110 day “BIG RIDE” across the entire country (East,West,North & South) to break the stigmas associated with Mental illness. She has inspires me greatly, I saw her on April 10,2014 at the end of day 28! It was because of people like Clara that I can even write about this in the blog.

I’m crying again!

As you look towards 2015, know that a wide range of adventures await…the good, bad & ugly. I wish you all good of course!


I look forward to my 2015 Race season, I start in May 2015 at The Bluenose in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’m doing 2 races in 20hrs (includes sleep)! I do my first ever Bluenose 5k (3.1 miles) and my second 10k (6.2 miles). Then options are wide open until the last weekend in October, that’s my hometown race Legs for literacy (last race for 2015).

With a heart full of gratitude,



2 thoughts on “Looking back,to move forward! (2014 retrospective)

  1. I’m finally reading this post and I must say that you had quite the year last year. It’s fantastic to look back and see what’s been accomplished. I didn’t quite know about the depression diagnosis, but it’s great that you don’t seem to be letting it stop you. Onwards from here!


    1. Thanks Pat,
      I just want to let the ebb & flow be known. It’s about running into feelings and letting them humble you (make you realize things are pretty amazing)! I truly have great people surrounding me (more often than not).


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